Popular American YouTuber and rapper RiceGum announced that his unborn baby with girlfriend Ellerie Marie has died. The 26-year-old’s real name is Bryan Quang Le. He released a video on YouTube, making the announcement.

The video takes a viewer through the key moments of Marie’s pregnancy – her finding out about the pregnancy, the couple’s ultrasound, baby shower and them making a cot. However, about three minutes in the video titled ‘Baby Girl’, RiceGum, in a note, said that their 35-week old child had no heartbeat.

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“At 35 weeks pregnant, our world crashed down on us when we were told our baby no longer had a heartbeat. every genetic test, blood test came back perfect, and the reason for this tragedy will forever be unknown. ellerie had to be induced for labor for 48 hours,” the YouTuber said.

“Rice- she gave birth to the most perfect angel. the cutest baby girl with soft, chubby cheeks and a tiny button nose. she looked perfect, just like she was sleeping. only a few more weeks and she would’ve been here with us,” he added.

RiceGum’s fans reacted to the news.

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“Ricegum just uploaded a video on youtube for the first time in 2 years to announce that his baby didn’t make it. As much as I personally dislike rice, this is tragic and its downright deplorable that people are joking about with “did it feel good tho” just be respectful,” a Twitter user said.

“Praying for Ricegum, no one deserves to go through this 🙏🏾 ❤️” another one added.

“The pain I felt after watching that video sorry for your loss you made my childhood ❤️” a third one said on Twitter.