Rick and Morty may be on its path to break the ‘all animated’ streak it has maintained in the last four seasons of the show. In a new teaser released by production house Adult Swim, Christopher Lloyd can be seen playing the lead character of Rick alongside grandson Morty, who is played by Jaeden Martell. 

US media reports suggest that the character of Rick, who is an old science buff mostly scene in a lab coat going on offbeat adventures, was inspired by the character of Doc Brown in the American classic film ‘Back To The Future’.

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In the short 14 second clip released by Adult Swim on Friday, the two seem to be aptly justifying the role of the beloved characters who appear on the Netflix show.

Lloyd and Martell are seen stepping into the recognisable garage of their home through a portal created by Rick. The limited screen time does not give away much but ensures that it touches base on the famous aspects of the show. 

The small script of the teaser goes like this:

Rick: Morty *burp* we’re home.

Morty: Oh geez!

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The Netflix show Rick and Morty has always been in the animated format. However, producers seem to have put that idea on the back burner and take the meta-level of the show to an unexpected standard. The teaser may be a sneak peek into the finale of the fifth season, which many believe to be the show finale too.

The season finale, which airs at 11 pm ET on Sunday, is likely to be split into two parts, giving fans some more room to enjoy what may be the last bits of the show.

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The post by Adult Swim has the caption ‘C-132’, which hints that the episode is going to be based in a new dimension as the mainstream Rick is often seen boasting about belonging to the C-137 dimension.

It is unclear if anyone has been cast to play the characters of the rest of the Smith family, including Summer, Jerry and Beth. 

A representative of the producing studio Adult Swim said in a statement, “It’s Rick and Morty season 5 finale weekend and you never know what surprises are in store”, according to reports from CNET.