Robert Blake, star of the TV show Baretta, died on Thursday, his niece Noreen Austin said in a statement. He was 89. 

As per Austin’s statement, Blake died from heart disease in Los Angeles.

Robert Blake married thrice. His first wife was Sondra Kerr, his second wife was Bonny Lee Bakely and the third was Pamela Hudak. The actor was acquitted in the 2001 murder of his second wife.

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Sondra Kerr (1961-1983)

Sondra Kerr, an actress got married to Blake in 1961. They had two children together, Noah Blake, also an actor in 1965 and Delinah Blake in 1966. The couple got separated after divorced in 1983

Bonny Lee Bakley ​(2000-2001)​

Bonny Lee Bakley was already married nine times before meeting Blake in 1999 and reportedly had a history of exploiting older men, especially celebrities for money. 

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In the meantime, she gave birth to a child, who was doubted to be fathered either by Christian Brando or Blake. She was also dating Christian who was the son of Marlon Brando. The DNA test report concluded that she gave birth to Blake’s child, who was later renamed Rose Lenore Sophia Blake from Christian Shannon Brando. 

Bakley became the second wife of Blake in 2000, who was her tenth husband. She remained married to him till May 4, 2001, when she was murdered. 

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Pamela Hudak ​(2017-2019)

At 82, Blake indicated in an interview about another woman in his life., without revealing her name. He applied for a marriage license for his then-fiancée, Pamela Hudak. Blake announced his divorce from Pamela on December 7, 2018.