The long-awaited %u2018Black Widow%u2019 is back on the big screen from Marvel Studios and Disney is finally here after pandemic-related delays. Scarlett is also distinguished by less splashy roles, whether in indie comedies or more softly spoken serious dramas.

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In 2020 the 36-year-old received two Oscar nominations for the films %u201CJojo Rabbit%u201D and %u201CMarriage Story%u201D in two wildly different roles  %u2014 one as a German mother who%u2019s secretly anti-Nazi, and the other as one-half of a thespian couple falling apart across U.S. coasts.

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So, let’s take a look at her 5 best roles.

%u201CLost in Translation%u201D (2003): 

The movie is a romantic comedy-drama directed by Sofia Coppola. This movie put Scarlett on the map as a sophisticated talent way beyond her years. She played the role of Charlotte, the young wife left alone at the Tokyo Park Hyatt by her photographer husband. 

The movie explores what might be called a warm Platonic love, as depicted in the relationship between Bob played by Bill Murray and Charlotte, set against the background of Tokyo.

%u201CUnder the Skin%u201D (2014):

 This movie demands a wordless performance from Scarlett, who as %u201CThe Female%u201D is sent under uncertain circumstances to Earth to harvest the souls of unwitting men. 

To achieve perfection, Johansson participated in many of the scenes without a script. The film is actually about what it means not to be human %u2014 and the consequences therein when dropped down into mankind.

%u201CHer%u201D (2013): 

Johansson won the surprise Best Actress Award at the Rome Film Festival for this movie. She essayed the role of Samantha, a disembodied AI who soothes a heartbroken Joaquin Phoenix back into loving again. The major assets of the film include the witty dialogues, stimulating cinematography, and a soulful background score.

%u201CMatch Point%u201D (2005):

 Scarlett played the role of Nola Rice in the film. The movie mainly deals with themes like morality, greed, roles of lust, money, and luck in life. The movie has the appeal of a good story and is also well told and capped with a deliciously vicious little twist.

%u201CLucy%u201D (2014): 

Directed by Luc Besson, it is a 2014 French science fiction action film. If you are a fan of ‘experimental’ cinema, you will appreciate this attempt. Besson%u2019s %u201CLucy,%u201D turns Scarlett Johansson from a cheerful young woman into a killing machine.

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