Sex/Life Season 2 dropped on Netflix on March 2, and the erotic drama has leveled up compared to its first season, with even more twists and turns as well as the introduction of new, multi-layered characters.

Continuing with the messy love triangle between Billie (Sarah Shahi), Brad (Adam Demos), and Cooper (Mike Vogel), viewers were gobsmacked in the face with new info on what happened after Billie showed up at Brad’s doorstep, after seemingly having made up her mind about whom among the two men in her life she wants to end up with. However, this time, Brad was the one who was not ready to commit to Billie as he had begun dating a British woman named Gigi, with whom he had gotten pregnant.

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Trying to be a responsible father, Brad decided to move in with Gigi, who is seen sporting a hyper-realistic pregnant belly bump in the show, making people wonder if she is really pregnant IRL.

Is Wallis Day, actress who plays Gigi pregnant in real life?

The character of the drop-dead gorgeous, albeit a little self-obsessed model, Gigi is played in real life by actress Wallis Day. Throughout Sex/Life Season 2, viewers watch Brad and Gigi engage in some pretty steamy sex scenes. And given the show’s frequent inclusion of graphic nudity, fans may wonder if Gigi’s pregnant body is authentic.

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Day isn’t pregnant in real life. On Instagram, she hosted a live Q&A addressing the pregnancy since fans wanted to know whether she was also pregnant in real life.  “That wasn’t my real belly,” Wallis said. She also said that her breasts were fake on the show too. “They’re prosthetics. It took seven hours in the morning to get the prosthetics done,” she said.

“A lot of the days we had a fake belly,” she shared. “They were still kind of uncomfortable, but they weren’t as heavy. I always had like a pregnancy strap around my belly.”