She-Hulk definitely left an effect on the audience. Attorney At Law surprised many despite Marvel’s reputation for creating must-watch television, and it all had to do with how well it imitated comedic series, signalling yet another change for the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Phase Four.

This week, the second episode of the Disney Plus series debuted and once again, Jennifer Walters’ experiences sparked discussion. However, there are other aspects of Attorney At Law that are also causing a stir online.

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What happened in episode 2?

As Jennifer Walters tried to digest everything that had happened since she went green in front of everyone in the courtroom to stop Titania, the second She-Hulk episode largely dealt with the aftermath of its predecessor.

She lost her job as an after-effect of her heroic transformation. As the episode progressed, she found it difficult to find a new job. That is, until GLK&H hired her to work in their brand-new superhuman division. She was then requested to speak on behalf of the Abomination, Emil Blonsky.

Naturally, this led to a conflict of interest because Blonsky (Tim Roth), in the 2008 film The Incredible Hulk, attacked and attempted to kill Jen’s cousin Bruce Banner. Bruce approved of her (apparently from space), but it was obvious that Jen was becoming increasingly devoted to her work. This was until she (and the rest of the world) learned that Blonsky had previously escaped prison to take part in a clandestine fighting group.

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Where is the Hulk headed?

Mark Ruffalo made an additional cameo appearance as a result of Jenifer’s call to Bruce. The big green guy said that he had no animosity towards The Abomination and was delighted for his cousin to take on the former villain’s case. However, it quickly became clear to spectators that Hulk was making the call while travelling through space on a ship.

The accident in the first episode that ultimately transformed Jen into She-Hulk was brought on by the same spaceship (or at least the same kind of aircraft). Bruce refers to it as a “Sakaaran Class A Courier Craft”, and although we were unable to learn what that message was, it appears that Bruce is on the way to discovering it.

The prevailing idea is that it might have served as confirmation of his son’s birth. In the Marvel Comics, the Hulk fell in love with Caiera and gave birth to a kid during his stay on Sakaar. That kid’s name was Skaar, and he shared some of his father’s talents.

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Hulk spent up to two years on Sakaar (as we saw in Thor: Ragnarok), thus it’s feasible that his trek into space will lead him to learn that his son is alive. And this might pave the way for one of Marvel’s most astounding endeavours ever.

Episode 3 is set to premiere on September 1, 2022.