Actor Shilpa Shetty took to her Instagram on Monday to share a video of her children – Viaan and Samisha – practising yoga. She wrote that she has tried to teach both her kids the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, and is ‘proud’ to see Viaan now teaching his little sister.

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“Kids are like wet clay. We must mould their approach towards a healthier lifestyle early. Inculcating the habit of enjoying a balanced diet, staying fit, and gaining control over the mind & soul is crucial. That’s exactly what I’ve tried to do with Viaan; and now, to see him take over the role and teaching his little follower, Samisha, makes me so proud. Seeing them bond over Yoga is truly the kind of Monday Motivation I need to stay fit and healthy… with them and for them,” she wrote.

 In the video, Viaan can be seen attempting several yoga poses, and Samisha trying her best to follow along. 

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Shilpa’s fans reacted with heart emojis in the comments section, with few advising her to avoid negativity. Shilpa’s husband, businessman Raj Kundra, was arrested in connection with a porn racket bust.

He has been accused of producing and distributing pornographic content through mobile applications. Raj spent several weeks in judicial custody, and was released from jail on bail only recently