Bob Dylan, a renowned American singer and artist, is reportedly being sued by a woman for allegedly abusing her sexually at the age of 12 in the 1960s. The lawsuit was filed in a New York court, according to US media reports.

The allegations were shrugged off by Dylan’s spokesperson and tagged as “untrue”. The spokesperson added that Dylan’s legal representation will “vigorously defend” against the blame, according to reports from New York Post.

In April 1965, Dylan allegedly “befriended and established an emotional connection” with the woman who seeks to sue the 80-year-old, according to the lawsuit filed in a Manhattan court.

The lawsuit goes on the claim that Dylan provided the girl with drugs and alcohol to “sexually abuse her multiple times”. The artist “exploited his status as a musician”, the lawsuit says, according to reports from CNBC

The girl, who was reportedly 12 years old at the time, was left “emotionally scarred and psychologically damaged to this day” after Dylan, whose real name is Robert Zimmerman, threatened physical violence.

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The woman, whose complete identity has not been revealed, is being represented by attorney Daniel Isaacs, who said, “Nothing other than the complaint speaks for itself and we shall prove our allegations in a court of law” after being asked for a comment on the matter, according to reports from NBC News.

Even though the lawsuit does not speak about any hard evidence against the artist, the compensation sought in the claim is greater than the bar set for lower courts.

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According to reports from NBC News, the lawsuit further claims that the incident happend at Hotel Chelsea, where Dylan’s apartment is located.

The lawsuit was filed in the New York court just one day before the deadline for suing under the Child Victims Act was set to expire. The state law allows victims of child sexual abuse to sue irrespective of the time the incident occurred.