Season 32 of the Oxygen-produced hit True Crime series Snapped, on 19th March 2023, covered the death of Billy Ray Brown in his home on the night of 21st June 2000. 

Right before 11 P.M, the Horry County police had received a call about a break-in and murder in a trailer in Green Sea, South Carolina. Upon reaching the crime scene, the police met Connie Brown and her father, Johnny Nealy.

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Johnny Nealy told the police that he had made the call as two men had entered her daughter’s trailer and beaten and assaulted her husband, Billy Ray Brown. 

Inside the trailer, police found more than one body. They also found the body of Ronnie Mc Dowell, Billy Ray’s friend. Mc Dowell was spending the night at the Brow residence when he was met with the same fate as Billy Ray. 

The trailer was covered in blood. Billy’s body was found beside his bed on the floor. His throat had been slit, and he had been stabbed. The numerous bruises on his body were consistent with being beaten by a stick.

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 Billy Ray Brown was Johnny Nealy’s coworker when he was introduced to Johnny’s 16-year-old daughter, Connie. Ignoring their age difference, they hit it off and eventually got married. They had three children- Tanner, Billy Ray Jr., and Matthew. The series also showed the point of view of Jamie Heath, Connie’s brother, to whom the Brown family seemed happy and normal.

However, after the incident of 21st June, the police investigation produced a completely different story. It came to be known that Billy Ray Brown had become physically abusive towards his wife, Connie, and his three young children.

Connie had expressed her grievances to her mother, Melba Nealy, and Renee Young. The family hatched a plan when the abuse could not be handled any longer. 

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On the fateful night, Connie Brown opened her trailer door to let in her mother, her boyfriend, Jodis Washington, Connie’s sister, Renee Young, and Connie’s brother, Andy Nealy. After this, Andy and Washington beat Billy Brown and slashed his throat. This had woken up Billy’s friend, McDowell, who Andy killed as he had now become a witness. 

According to reports, Billy was alive even after his throat was slit, and he tried to get into his house to grab his gun. Around this moment, Jodis and Andy stabbed him to death. 

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At first, the police had no evidence to convict Connie Brown. However, when her sister Renee Young disclosed to the police that the murder was Connie’s plan and that she had been the one to ask her family to carry it out, the police immediately arrested Connie. 

Renee Young was sentenced to 30 years at the Leath Correctional Institute by entering a plea deal. Connie Brown, on the other hand, was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole in the same correctional facility for conspiring to murder Billy Ray Brown.