American singer and songwriter Taylor Swift suffered a break-in by an alleged stalker at her New York residence on Saturday. Police on Monday said the culprit has been arrested. 

Police responded to an emergency call reporting that someone was trying to break into the pop star’s Tribeca home of Manhattan. The alleged stalker, Hanks Johnson was charged with criminal trespassing. 

After an arraignment in a Manhattan criminal court, the 52-year-old was released on Sunday night on his own recognizance, reported AFP. 

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This was not the first time Johnson showed up at the Swift’s Manhattan residence. In the past six months, the alleged stalker has tried to ring the bell to her residence at least five times, as per the New York Daily News. 

Taylor has been a victim of stalking for many years at her different residences. Back in June 2019, Roger Alvarado, an Iowa man was arrested with burglary tools, including an aluminium baseball bat in Rhode island where Swift owns a property. Alvarado has been arrested multiple times for breaking into the singer’s Manhattan home in recent years.

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The 31-year-old has cited stalking as one of her “greatest fears.” She even used facial recognition technology at some of her concerts to identify any potential stalkers.

Swift recently re-recording and released her widely popular “Fearless” album following an owning rights controversy with her old recording label. The pop-star made a come back to the top charts with the release.