In the HBO miniseries “Succession,” Jess Jordan, Kendall Roy’s assistant, is done dealing with the Roys’ ongoing hassles. Responding to the extravagant requests of the wealthy is routine employment for the aides on the show and their real-life equivalents.

Now that he has a new assistant, Kendall doesn’t seem to be overjoyed about the development.

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Kendall, in Succession Finale, called his assistant ‘new Jess’. Fans reacted to the Jeremy Strong character’s dialogue, saying he is missing his old assistant Jess Jordan.

“New Jess 😭🤣 Kendall really felt that loss #Succession,” a Twitter user said.


A third one added, “do you ever think about how jess jordan is one of the only constant people in kendall roy’s life”

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Some fans on social media were even offended by Kendall’s ‘new Jess’ comment as they believed Jess to be irreplaceable. A Twitter user said, “SORRY HOPPED ON MY PHONE BC NEW JESS?!?????????? BYE YOU COULD NEVER REPLACE HER IF YOU TRIED”

A second Twitterati commented, “New Jess” oh Kendall Roy is a nasty man but also no one gonna live up to everything Jess did and had to deal with #Succession #SuccessionHBO,” while a third one said, “I’m sorry ‘NEW JESS’? How dare you stand where she stood????”

Another user angrily tweeted, “kendall calling his new assistant “news jess” & not even bothering to learn her real name yeah he’s gone. just a husk of his former self permeated by all the worst traits of his father. i’m sick!!”

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For those who are unaware, the Roy siblings are the focus of HBO’s fourth season of “Succession,” which follows them as they struggle to win their father’s favor and establish themselves as worthy successors to his Waystar RoyCo business empire. In the series, Kendall, Roman, Shiv, and even Logan Roy are led through a number of trying circumstances by a reliable team of personnel.

Jess Jordan was one of these supporting figures; she consistently stood by Kendall’s side throughout the duration of the show. She is considered by most as one of the best characters in the show, and thus her exit is citing a sad reaction from many fans on social media.