Much to fans’ delight, Taylor Dome (now Lautner), Taylor Lautner, and Taylor Swift created a funny version of the classic Spider-Man meme.

In the first image, Taylor Lautner, Taylor Swift, and Taylor Dome can all be seen pointing accusing fingers at one another. The very well-known Spider-Man meme can be seen on the next slide. Sharing the photos, Taylor Lautner wrote, “Secrets out! Tonight was wild.” In the comments, Taylor Dome said, “It’s just too good.”

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Take a look at the post:

People on social media went into a frenzy after the meme was shared, with one Twitter user saying, “the sole thought of taylor swift looking at the spiderman meme and being like omg guys let’s recreate this…. it’s giving me so much joy rn,” while another said, “taylorswift + taylor lautner squared recreating the three spidermanmeme is everythinggg i needed today… as a fellow taylor, i’m feeling VERY represented by this picture… theyre all such nerds for this recreation but i love them for this.”

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Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner are said to have started dating after meeting on the Valentine’s Day filming set in 2009. In December 2009, only a few months after becoming official, the two parted ways.

Taylor Dome and Taylor Lautner, who are now married, frequently post relationship goals on Instagram. The actor’s wife is very active on social media and frequently shares humorous clips with the star.

A new music video that Taylor Swift released on the Eras Tour was also a surprise for her audience. Actors Joey King and Presley Cash were also involved in the recent collaboration between Swift and her ex Lautner on the song “I Can See You.” Just before she began her performance at Geha Field at Arrowhead Stadium, Swift welcomed the Twilight actor and King on stage to premiere the album’s single video.

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Joey and Presley were previously involved in Swift’s projects. They both appeared in Taylor Swift’s 2011 “Mean” music video. But this is the first music video that Lautner and Swift worked on something together.