As a surprise to her fans, Demi Lovato released the first episode of The Demi Lovato Show one day earlier than previously scheduled on Thursday. The first episode of the show stars Pretty Little Liars’ Lucy Hale. While talking to the host Demi Lovato, Hale revealed a major spoiler from her show.

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Lovato’s show was filmed in the fall of 2020, around the time when she started watching Hale’s show for the first time. The duo talked about Hale’s onscreen character Aria and her relationship with Ezra.

Hale asked what made Lovato start watching the teen mystery drama. To which Lovato answered, “I was trying to find lighter content and I feel like it’s controversial to watch now.”

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While explaining to Lovato about the controversies surrounding the show, Hale said, “It wouldn’t be made that way. I play Aria, who at the time we meet her, she is 16 and she meets someone who she falls for. They hook up, and then she goes to school the next day and it’s her English teacher. They end up getting married…”

Lovato shocked by the revelation of the spoiler exclaimed, “OH NO! OH NO! No, I didn’t [know it was going to happen]. I’m only on season three!”

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Hale explained further about the controversy around the TV series, “We had moms against the show. Moms boycotted the show. It was a big deal. And at the time, I was 20 when we started that show. I honestly didn’t think about the weight [of the situation]. I was just like, ‘He’s hot. he’s a hot teacher.”

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She also said that after that incident she is careful in selecting the roles that she would play. “Now, I’m much more careful about roles I play and things I choose to do because it does have such an impact on people, and such a direct correlation with the decisions we make in life,” she added.

She further added, “I had people writing me, saying they had crushes on their English teacher, and I was like, oh god.”