The trailer of HBO’s forthcoming game-based TV series The Last of Us has been released for the audience. As the movie trailer begins, it shows an emptied-out, strange version of America where the character of Pedro Pascal is seen trying to save a girl who could help them with a cure in dealing with the zombie apocalypse. 

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Release Date:

The series has been adapted from a video game which was previously known as Outbreak Day (later changed to The Last of Us) and is scheduled to be released in 2023. The specific dates for the release are not yet disclosed but HBO has dropped a 1-minute-38-second-long trailer with the message “Save who you can save” on Twitter. Along with that, HBO has also shared a five-second-long clip of sound which is terrifying to listen to. 

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A glimpse of this upcoming show has clearly revealed the cast where the characters of Joel and Ellie have been portrayed by Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. As the trailer approaches, we can see other characters such as Joel’s daughter Sarah who is played by Nico Parker. Apart from the zombies having mushroom-like heads, there are fellow survivors too – Bill (Nick Offerman) and Frank (Murray Bartlett). 

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As was shown in the video game TLOS, America is shown turning into a dystopian land signalling the arrival of deadly zombies. The landscape is set in a tone that is dull and deserted whereas the song Alone and Forsaken by Hank William is playing in the background.

Joel is shown in action along with Ellie, who is his ward in the series. They are on a mission to save and be saved from the zombie outbreak where they are struggling to survive. Pascal is seen being focused on protecting a young girl who might be their saviour from this whole chaotic situation.