In the latest episode of The Mandalorian, the focus shifted away from the titular character and onto Dr. Pershing, an ex-Imperial scientist. The show delved into Pershing’s expertise in cloning and genetic engineering, with implications that he had been using genetic material from Grogu, a powerful Force user. However, some fans are worried that this plotline may lead to an explanation for Palpatine’s return in the Rise of Skywalker, a move that has been criticized for being a hastily executed retcon.

The concern is that by attempting to connect The Mandalorian’s plotline to one of the more poorly received aspects of the new Star Wars trilogy, the show may lose the independence that made it so successful. The Mandalorian was praised for its ability to stand alone while still existing within the Star Wars universe. Fans worry that spending too much time on Palpatine’s return could detract from what makes the show great.

The fear is that this plotline could lead to a “waste of resources” for the show. The Mandalorian has been widely praised as one of the best things to come out of Disney’s Star Wars era. Fans do not want to see the show spend time on a convoluted plot to explain Palpatine’s return. They argue that the attempt to justify one of the trilogy’s worst decisions will only serve to highlight the lack of a coherent plan for the trilogy as a whole.

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It’s clear that the decision to bring back Palpatine was a controversial one. Fans have criticized it as a lazy attempt to revive a character who had already had a satisfying conclusion in Return of the Jedi. While some fans enjoyed the explanation provided in Rise of Skywalker, others found it to be a clumsy retcon that detracted from the original trilogy’s themes.

The worry is that by attempting to explain Palpatine’s return, The Mandalorian will be dragged down by the same clumsy plotting that marred the new trilogy. Fans want the show to continue to be a bright spot in the Star Wars universe, rather than getting bogged down in retcons and explanations.

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However, it’s important to note that the show has not yet confirmed that it will be exploring Palpatine’s return. It’s possible that the show will find a way to use Pershing’s cloning and genetic engineering expertise without delving too deeply into the new trilogy’s plotlines. For now, fans can only hope that the show’s writers will continue to prioritize storytelling over retconning.