In addition to discussing the MandoVerse he is in charge of, executive producer Jon Favreau explains that characters from the Skeleton Crew won’t make their Mando début initially. 

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The actor, director, writer, and producer was interviewed by Variety about his career. Favreau works with Dave Filoni as the executive producer of every MandoVerse programme. 

Skeleton Crew, a brand-new live-action series for Disney+ that will feature Jude Law and be produced by Jon Watts, Christopher Ford, Jon Favreau, and Dave Filoni, was announced by Lucasfilm at last year’s Star Wars Celebration event. 

The Mandalorian (Photo: Twitter/@themandalorian)

A group of children who unintentionally become lost in the Star Wars galaxy are the subject of this project, which follows their search for home. The Mandalorian and Ahsoka are both set in the same time period as the television series. Also serving as executive producers for the show are Kathleen Kennedy and Michelle Rejwan.

The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett, and Ashoka are the only current titles in this mini-universe; however, Skeleton Crew will join that list this year. Prior to their separate spin-offs, Fett and Ahsoka both made their MandoVerse debuts in The Mandalorian.

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However, Favreau confirms that the individuals in Skeleton Crew will be fresh and unrevealed. In other words, we can’t count on Jude Law to appear in The Mandalorian Season 3. 

Favreau was also questioned on the possibility of a MandoVerse movie. Regarding the direction that this is all going, there have been various rumors and speculation. 

“There’s always an opportunity when you have a set of characters and stories that people connect with that you could cross media into different areas. Marvel does it quite effectively,” he says in the interview with Variety.

“It’s just a matter of where our time should be spent and what the appetite of the audience is. With all these stories we’re telling, it definitely is a full-time job just keeping this going with what we’re doing now. Television has a much different rhythm and schedule than film does.”