‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ ends with the God of Thunder convincing the Gorr the God Butcher to choose love over revenge, and wish for his dead daughter back from Eternity, rather than wish for the death of all Gods. Gorr finally agrees, but his daughter is now Eternity’s child as well, and Thor takes her under his wing, as the two fight the “good battles for those who can’t fight good”, as Korg says. 

However, to defeat Gorr, Thor takes Zeus’ thunderbolt from him and in a clash with the God of Lightning, the God of Thunder comes out on top, striking Zeus with his own bolt after Thor’s former hero takes a shot at Korg. 

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In the mid-credit scene, Zeus is seen healing from his wounds, as his attendees nurse him. He realizes that Gods have lost their place of fear and respect among people or their followers elsewhere since one can now look up to the sky and see superheroes. Zeus decides that it’s time to make Gods relevant again, and the way to do that is to ensure Thor falls from the sky. 

He instructs his son Hercules to go after the Asgardian. Brett Goldstein of ‘Ted Lasso’ fame plays the part, as earlier leaks on the internet suggested. Since Hercules, in the comics, once said that he can do everything Thor can, but more mightily, one might expect the Asgardian to have to fight to stay ahead. 

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Meanwhile, the post-credit scene sees Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster in Valhalla. She dies in battle, choosing to wield Mjolnir and be the Mighty Thor one last time, despite knowing it’d drain her mortal strength and make her succumb to cancer that much faster. However, Thor needs help and Foster’s appearance saves his life. 

Since she’s a defacto Viking – or should we say Space Viking – and dies in battle, Foster reaches Valhalla, the eternal lands of the Vikings that lie beyond the pale of death. There she’s reunited with Heimdall, who was killed by Thanos when he invaded the Asgardian’s ship, as shown in the opening moments of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. 

Several other Asgardians were killed, including Thor’s mischievous brother, Loki, and his old fighting partners who decided to take on Hela, Thor’s sister from ‘Ragnarok’. Following the legend, they should be in Valhalla too along with Heimdall.