Thor: Love and Thunder‘ shows Gorr, the God Butcher’s plan to go to Eternity, a cosmic entity and destination, where nobody has gone before. The Bifrost is the key to reaching Eternity, and whoever goes first can ask one wish. Christian Bale’s character plans to ask Eternity to kill all gods but Thor convinces him to choose love, and he ends up asking for his child back.

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Thor and Jane obviously do everything in their power to prevent him from carrying out his destructive plan. Once defeated, he is persuaded that what he truly desires is the return of his daughter, Love. It is clear at this point that Eternity will only make things happen if it considers them fit for the universe and allows them to happen.

The first appearance of the figure was in the 1965 Stan Lee and Steve Ditko comic book series Strange Tales, which starred Doctor Strange as its main character.

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Eternity is an abstract entity that represents the Marvel Universe, along with his sister counterpart, Infinity. 

Every universe in the Multiverse manifests as Eternity, an anthropomorphic being. Eternity, as the exemplar of Earth-616, is a fraction of the larger Multiversal Eternity in the Multiverse’s seventh incarnation. Eternity is sometimes defined as the totality of all life and all things in the universe.

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Eternity gave birth to several children, or concepts that evolved into separate, self-contained entities. Empathy, Eulogy, Expediency, Entropy, Epiphany, Enmity, and Eon are among them, though the latter was ultimately killed and replaced by the concept Epoch.

Eternity typically manifested only when there was an imminent risk to the universe, such as the villain Dormammu or the Titan Thanos, who amassed the Infinity Gems and later the Heart of the Universe. Thanos was able to surpass Eternity with these artefacts and even incarcerate the cosmic entity, proving that even Eternity was not truly omnipotent.

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Eternity and all of his counterparts throughout the Multiverse were protected by their own Captain Universe.

Eternity was the collective consciousness of all life and, as such, was dependent on the trillions of beings that comprised it. It existed everywhere at once. When Eternity wanted to communicate with sorcerers and the like, it could take on a humanoid form.