‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, the fourth Thor movie, sees Gorr, The God Butcher’s plan to visit Eternity to bring about the death of all Gods with an all-black Necroswrod. In the comics, the All-Black Necrosword is a big part of him. It is as important to him as Mjolnir is to Thor.

Gorr, the God Butcher, first appeared in Thor comics in 2013. Gorr, enraged at the gods, was seen leading a one-man army to kill them all because he felt they had betrayed him.

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Gorr was born on an unnamed planet that was prone to earthquakes and had little water. Everyone who lived there was hurt. Gorr questioned their faith because he was constantly told to praise the gods. When an earthquake killed his wife and his children began to die of starvation, Gorr lost faith in the gods and was exiled.

He came across the symbiote God Knull, who was fighting a Golden God with the All-Black Necrosword, while roaming his planet. When the god was severely wounded, he begged Gorr for assistance, but Knull noticed his rage and handed him the sword. Gorr would travel across the universe, finding and slaughtering the gods now that he had the means to do so.

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Necroswords are bladed weapons formed from living abyss, but unlike most symbiotes, they usually manifest as a separate object rather than covering their wielder’s body.

It is unknown whether all symbiotes can manifest and/or take the form of Necroswords, but they are especially effective against divine opponents.

Knull created the first symbiote, All-Black, which he wielded in the form of a living abyss sword in black, red, or red-and-black.

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Subsequent hosts such as Gorr, All-Father Thor, and Galactus frequently manifested Necroswords as arm-blades or separate weapons from it. The Annihilablade, also known as the Planet Cleaver, is a huge double-bladed sword competent in effortlessly wrecking planets and cleaving through stars.