Thor: Love and Thunder‘, directed by Taika Watiti and part of Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), sees the God of Thunder fight Gorr, the God Butcher who is out to slaughter all gods in the universe in his quest for vengeance.

Chris Hemsworth‘s Asgardian and Christian Bale’s character square off in a mighty last battle in the Shadow Realm.

The Shadow Realm is a dimension of infinite darkness within the Multiverse.

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Describing the Shadow Realm, Thor says- “The atmosphere there has a darkness like no other this is if color feels to trade it’s unmistakable.”

Thor joins forces with Valkyrie, Korg, and Jane Foster in “Thor Love and Thunder” to battle Gorr and his shadow creatures. Gorr is stopped by the group, but he escapes and abducts a number of Asgardian kids.

To inform the other gods and solicit their assistance, the party journeys to Omnipotent City. The group needs to repel Zeus’s warriors because the Olympian deity Zeus is unwilling to assist and has Thor kidnapped. Korg is killed by Zeus, in retaliation, Thor strikes Zeus with his own thunderbolt, which Valkyrie snatches as they flee.

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Then, in order to save the kids, they go to the Shadow Realm. Gorr is quite powerfull in the Shadow Realm as he can move through the shadows. 

This, however, proved to be Gorr’s deception to obtain Stormbreaker, which he plans to unleash on the Bifrost to enter Eternity and request the abolition of all gods. Thor’s team is defeated by Gorr, who successfully steals Stormbreaker. Gorr opens the portal to Eternity using Stormbreaker.

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Thor gives the kidnapped Asgardian children and their weapons the strength of Thor to help him fight while Valkyrie and Foster are still hurt. Foster fights alongside Thor against Gorr and breaks the Necrosword.