New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham highlighted the issue of climate change and backed Joe Biden’s environmental goals in a brief speaking spot on the third day of the Democratic National Convention.

Grisham who delivered the speech standing in a field of solar panels said that Trump, who referred to global warming a “hoax,” represents “environmental annihilation.” Stating that this November America is presented with an opportunity to end two existential crises- Trump presidency and the environmental annihilation, she urged people to choose Biden. 

“While the Trump administration has been eliminating environmental protections, we’ve expanded them. While they’ve been rolling back regulations on oil and gas companies, we’ve taken on polluters and held them accountable,” she said highlighting the policies adopted by New Mexico.

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“We’re laying a roadmap for a just 21st century America, one where we lead with compassion,” she added. Speaking further on Biden’s environmental goals, the Governor said that Biden, if elected will rejoin the Paris climate agreement and will focus on building a “clean, green 21st century.”

The session on climate change also featured the 15-year-old activist Alexandria Villaseñor. “Joe Biden won’t solve this crisis in four years, not one can but he will put us back on track so our generation can have a fighting chance,” Alexandria said.