Guitarist Tom Morello faced heavy criticism after he posted a joke about Nazis on Twitter that left a bad taste in people’s mouths.

On Twitter Morello posted: “German saying: If 9 people sit down at a table with 1 Nazi without protest, there are 10 Nazis at the table.”

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Journalist and filmmaker Tim Pool was one of the first ones to take issue with the post, saying, “wow, i didnt expect Tom Morello to come out as a fascist.”

Soon others began reacting to Morello’s post as well.

“Tom Morello: makes the most explicit anti-fascist statement possible This fucking dips**t,” one of them said, while another noted, “Wow, who knew so many far-right a**holes were Rage Against the Machine fans. Maybe they never listened to the music and just liked the name of the group. Tom Morello has to be laughing right now at the sudden ire against him.”

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A third wrote, “Tom Morello over here pretending he didn’t sell out his entire “rebel” persona the last three years by complying with government demands and keeping his mouth shut on Covid tyranny. Got news for you Tom, you’re the Nazi.” One more tweeted, “Wow, I always thought Tom Morello was cool but when did he get so liberal. Some of them who work forces are the same who wear crosses was such a great reminder than a lot of first responders were Christian. What happened?”

Another said, “Every time Tom Morello says something super on-brand, there are always people who have had their heads up their a**es for the last 35 years like ‘but WHY would he say this?’ Bro have you heard a Rage Against the Machine song? Any of them??”