Tori Kelly is reportedly being treated for blood clots in the hospital after passing out at dinner on Sunday night. As per TMZ, the 30-year-old singer fainted as her heartbeat escalated while partying with friends in downtown Los Angeles.

Kelly’s condition is apparently “really serious” now and she has reportedly been “in and out of consciousness.”

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Let us have a look at the top 5 songs of the talented singer:

Nobody Love: 

Nobody Love, a 2015 single that Tori Kelly wrote and sang, is a catchy and energetic example of her vocal range and pop songwriting prowess. It garnered a lot of radio exposure and turned into one of her first big singles.

Never Alone: 

Kelly’s song Never Alone, which she performs with Kirk Franklin, is from her second album, Hiding Place, which was released in 2018. This modern gospel song was nominated for numerous music awards and peaked at number one on the US Billboard Gospel Songs list. Additionally, it received a Grammy for Best Gospel Performance or Song in 2019.

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As part of the reissue of her debut album, this powerful song was released in 2015. As she sings about feeling empty and alone after a breakup, Tori’s strong voice stands out. Additionally, a Kia Forte 2017 commercial used this music.

Should’ve Been Us:

A passionate ballad with a blend of R&B and pop components, this song is another smash from her debut studio album “Unbreakable Smile” from 2015. This single has two variations. In the first, Tori Kelly performs as a soloist, and in the second, Jeremih is featured. The audience was moved by Tori’s moving vocals and relatable lyrics about a failed love.

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Psalm 42:

Kelly’s second studio album, Hiding Place, which included Psalm 42, was released in 2018. With the US Billboard Gospel Songs, it reached its peak at number three. The ballad expressing how the Lord is needed and addressing the biblical message found in Psalms 42 is masterfully rendered in the style of a ballad.