Trevor Noah, who is hosting the Grammy Awards on Sunday, called Harry Styles a sex symbol. Singer Lizzo was visibly not pleased with the comment. The former One Direction star won the first award at the night- best pop vocal album for his “Harry’s House.”

Styles, after receiving the award from Jennifer Lopez, said,”This album from start to finish has been the greatest experience of my life, from making it with two of my best friends to playing it for people, has been the greatest joy I could’ve asked for.”

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The British singer looked uncomfortable after Trevor Noah called hom a sex symbol.

“Women throw their panties at this man when he puts them on and he looks better in them than they do. Easily the World’s Sexiest Man. Are you kidding? There’s no competition sex symbol of the globe, especially now that they killed off the green M&M,” the former Daily Show host said.

Lizzo, sitting close to Styles, was not pleased with Noah’s comment.


Several social media users trolled the Grammy host.

“Harry is still that little baker boy from Cheshire. Just because he wears glittery clothes and performs, does not give you the permission to call him a sex symbol. Your inability to keep it in your pants is none of his business. Harry Styles is a caring, loving Human being,” one Twitter user wrote.

for the Grammy. You are loved & admired for the brilliant artist, musician & performer that you are and there are a million people in the world who see you much much more than just “sex symbol of the globe”. Sending you all the love in the world,” a second one said.

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““women throw their panties at this man” “the worlds sexiest man” “sex symbol of the globe”. harry styles is literally in front of you and that’s all you have to say about him. nothing about his 6 grammy nominations, his career, or him as a human being. it’s so disrespectful,” a third one added.

Noah also joked with Lizzo, saying that the singe will perform exactly at “bad bitch o’clock,” in reference to her nominated song “About Damn Time.”