“Media reports speculated Kareenau00a0 Kapoor Khan to play the role of Sita in director Alaukik Desaiu2019s upcoming movie has been making rounds for quite some time. Now, according to Bollywood Hungama report that the actor asked for Rs 12 crore for the part. The Jab We Met actor’s demand, however, did not go well with Twitter users who are slamming Kareena and asked if she has even read Ramayana. See the reactions here:. Twitter users alleged that Kareena Kapoor Khan does not deserve the role as she asked for an unreasonable amount for the part and that it hurt their religious sentiments. The film is said to be a Bollywood recreation of the Hindu epic, Ramayana. #KareenaKapoorKhan #Ramayan #Bollywood #Entertainment #Twitteru00a0.”