Servant of the People‘ is the satirical show which launched Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky’s political career and is once again available on Netflix in the US, as per The Hollywood Reporter. 

Originally, the show was part of Netflix’s library from 2017 to 2021 and is back for viewers starting today. 

Eccho Rights, the Swedish television group in charge of licensing the show released a statement with the managing partner saying, “The series is a comedy but also an important document of where Zelensky comes from. His fictional president is a normal man, who grows into his role as a heroic and adored leader. While the real-world scenario facing Zelensky and the Ukrainian people is far more grim and appalling than the comedy of the series, there are obvious parallels with the real-world situation, and Servant of the People is a fascinating, important and historic piece of television”. 

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The series follows Zelensky’s character, who’s a teacher. The man unexpectedly finds himself becoming the president after his rant against corruption goes viral on social media. The show continued for three seasons and came to an end when Zelensky decided to run for president in real life in 2019. He contested under the banner of a new political party also called Servant of the People. 

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Zelensky has been the attention of the entire world since Russia sent troops into Ukraine on February 24. The comedian-turned-president has since then utilized screen time to rally support and urge other nations to aid Ukraine. Zelensky, who voiced the Ukrainian version of ‘Paddington’ has kept the morale of Ukrainians high, and cemented his position as a leader who stands with his people when he turned down an offer to evacuate, telling the US that he needed ammunition, not a ride. Since then, the Ukrainian president has posted several videos in and around Kyiv, to prove that he’s not abandoned his spot as the nation withstands the force of the Russian army.