A new trailer has been released for Maggie and Negan’s upcoming The Walking Dead spinoff, titled The Walking Dead: Dead City. The series will follow Maggie and Negan as they explore a post-apocalyptic New York City following the events of The Walking Dead series finale.

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Dead City features characters in the zombie genre, including Pearlie Armstrong (Gaius Charles), Amaia (Karina Ortiz), and The Croat. However, details about the series have not yet been revealed. Additionally, the series also promises to keep examining Maggie and Negan’s contentious relationship as a result of Negan’s earlier transgressions.

The post-apocalyptic zombie-horror The Walking Dead: Dead City’s first look teaser trailer has been made available online. Maggie and Negan from the original Walking Dead will appear in the fourth spinoff of the franchise. Jeffrey Dean Morgan portrays Negan Smith, while Lauren Cohen plays Maggie Rhee.

The Walking Dead is a television series that was developed by Eli Jorné. It is based on the Robert Kirkman-penned original comic series published by Image Comics.

According to the narrative information provided by the show’s creators, Maggie and Negan may need to set aside their disagreements and cooperate, to survive the post-apocalyptic hellscape. 

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According to the Dead City trailer, Maggie and Negan will encounter some New York City survivors who are utilizing the zombie apocalypse as a form of entertainment. A depiction of a guy fighting a Walker in a wrestling ring can be seen in one of the scenes, along with a placard that reads, “Dawn Lincoln Center come kill with us.” Dead City, which takes place a few years after The Walking Dead, may use New York to depict a world where people are so accustomed to the undead that they now use them as a type of high-octane, risky entertainment.

The trailer also gives viewers a closer look at the dangers Maggie and Negan will have to face in the city, especially in the form of creepy-looking Walkers.