Fortnite Chapter 3 has come to an end, as the game is taken offline for server maintenance. The new map was shown at the end of the Fortnite Fracture event, alongside some of the upcoming collaborations coming to Fortnite.

The next era of Fortnite will welcome characters like The Witcher’s Geralt, Doomslayer, and The Hulk, including new gameplay mechanics such as the addition of motorbikes to Epic’s highly – popular battle royale. The game is down ahead of the launch of the next chapter on December 4.

The Fortnite Fracture event files were already leaked just a few hours before the live event. The leaked images revealed a lot about the upcoming end-of-season event, as well as the new chapter.

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Last night, Fortnite ditched its third map with shocking speed, as the game’s ever-changing island was quickly consumed by the invading Chrome in a brief cutscene. Then comes an extended 30-minute event mode where players were tasked with reforging the Island anew, using a mix of familiar and fresh locales that look set to appear in chapter 4.

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The end of the event featured another cut scene, where the heroic Paradigm succeeds in her mission to fuse the new island from the fragments players have collected, as the game’s Zero Point MacGuffin losses chunks of the landscape together.

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The second half of the trailer includes several cameos from items and characters seemingly also on their way to Chapter 4, including the Witcher’s Geralt, The Hulk, popular YouTuber Mr. Beast, Doomslayer, and a pickaxe item.

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The artwork at the end of the trailer features a couple more characters, one of which will be of specific interest to long-time Fortnite lore fans. If someone has read the Fortnite/Marvel Zero War comics, one may recognize the character with long dark hair as the long-promised Geno – the man behind Fortnite’s now-defeated villainous Imagined Order organization.

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The whole event lasted around 45 minutes but lacked the thrill of past events. This was the third finale event in Fortnite’s history. Back in 2019, the original Fortnite island was sucked into a black hole, and a few days later Chapter 2 began. Two years after that, the new island flipped over launching in the third chapter. Chapter 3 has been particularly notable, bringing the popular Zero Build mode to the game.