There are several cat videos on the Internet that show them doing whatever they want. However, their behaviour might occasionally be directly tied to what their owner might be doing. This is most likely how the term “copycat” came into existence. This video, which was initially uploaded on TikTok and subsequently on Instagram, will make you go ‘aww’.

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The video begins with a cat named Charlie casually sitting with its owner while they work on their laptop. However, near the laptop is a zip-lock bag packed with popcorn, from which the person consumes a few kernels. Every time they do this, the cat pretends to eat some from thin air. The cat video was posted to Instagram with the message, “I just really want to be included.” The caption is accompanied by an emoji depicting a cat’s face filled with tears of happiness.

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The video has been uploaded on the CatConWorldwide Instagram page. Kiley Ryan, the cat’s owner, originally posted it on TikTok and Instagram. 

The video was posted on Instagram on April 2 and has since gotten a lot of attention from people who couldn’t stop supporting the cat’s side in the funniest manner. It has also received over eight lakh views so far.

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“Bluetooth eating unlocked,” an Instagram user wrote.  Another remark states, “My old female tabby would put her paw in the bowl and scoop some out for herself to eat.” “That’s mirroring!”.  Either that or they simply want some popcorn. Cats, on the other hand, want to imitate their masters’ activities, which is why they walk across keyboards,” explains a third comment.