Nightbirde appeared virtually during the live results show after she left America’s Got Talent 2021 due to her cancer struggle. Speaking to his Golden Buzzer contestant, Simon Cowell visibly choked up. Since her audition, the two had kept in touch.

Nightbirde’s audition has received over 30 million views on YouTube and has had a worldwide impact. Her original song “It’s OK” became viral on iTunes, propelling her to the top of the competition. Her health had “taken a turn for the worse,” she stated in an Instagram post.

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Her health was extremely important to her, and all of the judges understood why she chose to leave the competition. Celebrities, fans, and other contenders had all rushed to her side. Terry Crews inquired if she could have forecast the impact of “It’s OK” in the first place.

“There’s no way I would’ve ever imagined that,” she said. “It’s a song I wrote for myself in the middle of the night when I needed those words so bad. It’s beautiful to see the world welcome that song.”

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When it came time for Cowell to talk with her, he was overcome with emotion. On any of his talent shows, we have never seen him weep. For him, this was a once-in-a-lifetime occurance.

“You made the decision rightfully so that your health is your priority right now and I know last time we spoke you actually said that you feel that you let people down,” Cowell said. “I just want to say on behalf of all of us, you haven’t let anyone down.”