Wayne Swinny, the guitarist with Saliva, died today at the age of 59 from a cerebral hemorrhage. The band’s representative, singer Bobby Amaru, and other acquaintances all confirmed his passing.

Wayne Swinny, the founding member and guitarist of the band Saliva, was in ICU after suffering a brain hemorrhage. Bobby Amaru, Brad Stewart, and Sammi Bishop, who are all in the band, had stated that they were awaiting further information on his condition.

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The group, in a statement, had said” “Our dear brother Wayne Swinny was discovered Tuesday morning in medical distress and paramedics were called. He was transported to a hospital where he was diagnosed with a Spontaneous Hemorrhage in his brain. He is currently in the ICU as we await further news. We ask that you keep him in your thoughts and prayers at this time.”

Saliva will perform in Fort Wayne, Indiana on March 23 as part of their current tour alongside Through Fire and Any Given Sin.

According to the NHS, a ruptured brain aneurysm is the most common reason for a subarachnoid hemorrhage. Unless it explodes, a brain aneurysm normally does not exhibit any symptoms.

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Although several risk factors, such as smoking, high blood pressure, and drinking too much alcohol have been established, the precise reason why some people suffer brain aneurysms remains unknown.

Rock band Saliva formed in Memphis, Tennessee in 1996. After the exits of vocalist Josey Scott in 2011 and bassist Dave Novotny in 2015, Swinny was the only surviving member of Saliva’s original lineup. However, Josey Scott did join the band for a show at the Blue Ridge Rock Festival this past September.

The next year, Saliva published its self-titled debut album. They then followed that up with the albums Every Six Seconds and Back into Your System, the latter of which featured Always, one of their most popular songs, which peaked at number one on the Modern Rock Chart.

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Todd Poole, Chris D’Abaldo, Jonathan Montoya, and Paul Crosby have all played in the band in the past.