Marvel Studios‘ Werewolf By Night, a 50-minute Halloween special, is set to release on October 7. The special will centre around a group of monsters who congregate at a place called the Bloodstone Manor after their leader passes away. Here, they battle for a precious relic that is both deadly and mystifying.

Check out the official trailer of Werewolves By Night right here:

Regarding the upcoming special, which is scheduled to release on October 7, IGN spoke to director Michael Giacchino, who said that this special will have a lot of blood and gore, something that is quite unlikely for the family-friendly Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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In the interview, Giacchino said, “Well, it was one of those things where no one said no” regarding the use of blood and gore. He further added, “I just kept pushing. I knew that we were going to balance that with heart and humor and humanity and empathy and all of that. And as long as we kept that balance in tow that I felt like we had some leeway to push on the horror side.”

Giacchino is also of the opinion that since this is a monster movie, “we needed to just go into that realm, just not be afraid of it.”

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The director admitted that there were concerns among the film’s cast and crew about whether so much blood and gore will be acceptable. He said that despite all the killing, the story is essentially about “characters and the people”.

According to Giacchino, the style in which the movie has been shot helps ease the experience of watching so much blood and gore. He further added, “And being in black and white didn’t hurt us either.”

The trailer of the film suggests that it has taken inspiration from classic horror films. Even the special’s name appears in a way similar to movies from the 1930s and ’40s. One montage sequence uses the violin screech made famous by Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.