As the Grammys remained a hot topic of discussion online, internet users learned that Pfizer was the event’s sponsor. This revelation came after Sam Smith and Kim Petras’s Unholy performance at the event. Since then, a number of hardline internet users have attacked the group and its alleged ties to Satan on social media.

Following their performance with a Hell-themed theme, Sam Smith and Kim Petras received a tonne of attention on social media. As flames erupted around them, Sam Smith put on a top hat with devil horns. The song’s performance by a transgender lady and a non-binary person added to conservatives’ worries. Many people complained online about the performance and called it “satanic.”

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The Grammys cut to a commercial after their performance to announce that Pfizer was the show’s sponsor. In an exclusive statement to Newsweek, they also verified the same. Pfizer declared: “We sponsored the overall Grammy’s event, not any particular performance. Beyond that, we don’t comment on our efforts to raise awareness.”

Netizens were convinced that Pfizer had some importance to Smith and Petra’s “satanic” performance even though the pharmaceutical company made it clear that they did not support a solo performance alluding to Unholy.

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What does ‘rezifp’ mean?

While this was going on, internet users quickly pointed out that Rezifp, the company’s name spelled backward, means the burner” or “the Ravager” in Hebrew. This was often connected to the Devil and the underworld.

Pfizer, when written backward, refers to the “ancient West Semitic god of the plague and of the underworld.” according to Twitter user @faithheaven1111. He “was also a war deity,” she further emphasized. The platform user then added an image with the definition of Rezifp, which read: “Was also a war god and was thus represented as a bearded man brandishing an ax, holding a shelf, and wearing a tail, pointed headdress with a goat’s gazelle’s head on his forehead.”

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Rezifp, which in Hebrew meant “The Ravager or Burner,” was another detail that Twitter user @Kneesinthebrez brought up to support the company’s purported Satanic affiliations.

For the fields of immunology, cancer, cardiology, endocrinology, and neurology, Pfizer develops and produces pharmaceuticals and vaccines. Each of the company’s top-selling medicines or goods brings in more than $1 billion in annual sales. 52% of the company’s revenues came from the United States in 2020, compared to 6% from China and 6% from Japan, and 36% from other nations.