Actor Jeremy Renner was hospitalized on Sunday with “extensive injuries” after the snowcat he was using to plow his driveway reportedly ran him over. He has to be airlifted from the scene and it was reported that he was in a critical but stable condition. 

According to TMZ, the Hawkeye actor was trying to clear a path out of his Lake Tahoe ranch with his PistenBully, when the incident happened, about a quarter of a mile from his property. The vehicle’s safety features apparently failed and caused the snowcat to roll over Renner’s leg. 

Renner suffered significant blood loss by the time and was airlifted out at 9:50 a.m. A neighbor, who witnessed the scene, said that a doctor put a tourniquet on the injured leg to stem the bleeding. The 51-year-old also reportedly suffered injuries on other parts of his body and not just the leg.  

What is a PistenBully?

PistenBully is a type of snow groomer made by the German manufacturer Kassbohrer. It is not known what model of PistenBully Renner owned or whether he owned the snow-removing equipment or bought it second-hand.

The only information reported about it was that the type of PistenBully Renner owns is no longer being sold on the company’s website. Models similar to one in the actor’s possession are described on second-hand sale sites as ‘vintage’.  

The PistenBully 600 Polar, which is one of the latest models, has been described on the official site as “more than just a normal snow groomer. It stands not only for perfect slopes, but also for sustainable and efficient slope management at the very highest level.”