Bud Light’s connection with Dylan Mulvaney resulted from Captiv8, a San Francisco marketing company, and the unfortunate alliance drove the company into “serious panic mode,” according to The Post.

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What is Captiv8?

Captiv8 is a San Mateo Calif.-based firm that pairs social-media influencers with major consumer brands. The company claims to have a database of more than 1 million influencers on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

According to its website, Captiv8 has worked with Walmart, American Express, Twitter, and KraftHeinz. Krishna Subramanian, a Silicon Valley investor who sold online ad network BlueLithium to Yahoo in 2007 for $300 million, co-founded the company in 2015.

Bud Light’s connection with Dylan Mulvaney was due to this eight-year-old San Francisco marketing company. According to rumors, Captiv8 was behind the Bud Light beer can that featured Mulvaney’s picture. Allegedly, the unfortunate tie-up drove the company into panic mode.

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During the early days of the controversy, anxiety and confusion were observed in Captiv8’s offices due to the widespread backlash over the video, which showed Mulvaney holding a Bud Light can while taking a bubble bath and igniting a firestorm when it was posted on April 1.

According to the insider, “there was a lot of chatter” among staff members about the potential fallout the company would have due to the failed effort. “Internally, the company was in serious panic mode,” the source added.

A two-minute video on Captiv8’s website shows a tour of a posh office where celebrities like Olivia Sui, a Chinese-American actress, and Zion Clark, an athlete born without legs, are seen working out and telling viewers that there are over 30 million creators on Captiv8’s marketplace to discover.

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But a source claims that’s really a ‘staged advertisement,’ and that Capitv8’s actual workplace is a modest area in San Mateo that has room for just a dozen employees. The company’s 100 or so employees work primarily from home.

After the initial fear caused by the Mulvaney incident, Captiv8 seems to have resumed “business as usual,” the insider claims.