ARMYs worldwide are known to celebrate every accomplishment of the seven Bangtan Boys – no matter how big or small. It is only natural that social media will blow up on one of their birthdays.

Jeon Jungkook, the ‘golden maknae’, celebrated his 25th birthday on September 1, 2022, making hashtags like #happyjkday, #happybirthdayjungkook and #jungkookday trend on Twitter globally.

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It makes sense for ‘jungkook day’ to signify the K-pop idol’s birthday. But it is not the only date that the day is associated with. On the BTS 2018 Season’s Greeting calendar, Jungkook himself declared January 9 to be JK Day or Jungkook day. There is no obvious explanation for why he selected this date, though some admirers think it may be because it reads as the reverse (01/09) of his birthday, September 1 (09/01).

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Seoul turned itself into a Golden Maknae festival in the meantime. The Euphoria singer’s image was seen practically everywhere the eyes travelled, including the streets, LEDs, buses, taxis, billboards, and subways.

Apart from these, a massive ad for the Left & Right singer was also seen at Lotte World. The video was created by editing multiple moments from live performances that showcased the idol’s powerful stage aura.

In the K-pop scene, birthdays are a major deal and a time for fans to express their love for their heroes. Birthday advertisements typically materialise after fans combine money to purchase ad space by voting on various applications.

Placing the faces of their favourite idols all over the city wasn’t a big deal for a group as big as BTS, whose fans never failed to sell out the priciest products in seconds. Fans can only pray that no one will ruin their meticulous preparation of birthday advertisements.

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In other developments, the BTS vocalist is once again creating original content. This time, it involves Photo-Folio, a photo content series that he and other members are featured in.