TikTokers all over the world swear by a straightforward strategy to attract luck into their life, and it’s as simple as just having faith that good things will occur.

This method, often known as the Lucky Girl Syndrome, has frequently been commended for improving people’s lives “overnight.”

“I get the most insane opportunities thrown at me out of nowhere,” the TikToker said, “There’s literally no better way to explain it than it feels like the odds are completely in my favor.”

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People have attributed the approach, which in theory is comparable to “manifesting” – the notion that by thinking, believing, and acting in a positive, aspirational way you may have everything and everything you want – to job successes, romantic adventures, and other personal victories.

The phrase “lucky girl syndrome” was first used in 2022, but it was only more recently that it started trending on social media, thanks to a video shared by Laura Galebe (@lauragalebe), who described herself as “one of the luckiest people” she knows.

This type of thinking sets people up for disappointment, according to several users of the video, which has received over 3 million views. Other users simply said that Galebe was insane. Despite the criticism, Galebe maintains her “delusion.”

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Some TikTok users are comparing the current wave of positive thinking to “The Secret,” a book from 2006 that emphasizes on the power of positive thinking and the law of attraction.

Here are a few affirmations that supports the lucky girl syndrome:
1) I’m so lucky.
2) I’m the luckiest person I know.
3) Everything works out in my favor.
4) The universe is always working in my favor.
5) Great things are happening to me unexpectedly.

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It encourages people, particularly young women, to bring luck into their lives by thinking positively. One peculiar feature of the Lucky Girl Syndrome that distinguishes it from other manifestation fads is its inherent uncertainty. Every video under the #luckygirlsyndrome hashtag says something along the lines of “I am so lucky.”