TikTok is undoubtedly the most well-known video-sharing app in the world right now, with over one billion active users across 154 countries. It can also occasionally turn out to be a goldmine, where you can discover your new favorite workout or your next healthy meal.

You can develop various talents and adopt celebrity lifestyles to enhance your health and well-being. But every so often, a craze emerges that can make you want to blow your brains out. And the TikTok ‘vabbing’ trend is just one of them.

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What is vabbing? 

Recently, the concept of vabbing has been popular on TikTok as a useful technique for finding love. Vabbing, or to be more precise, vaginal dabbing, is the act of deliberately applying vaginal fluid in strategic locations, such as behind the ear or on the wrists.

This apparently appears to be a beneficial approach for attracting romantic and sexual desires. Because of the pheromones it emits, TikTok users assert that employing your natural perfume can lead to some kind of amorous magic.

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A short scan through the hashtags #vabbing and #vabbingtrend on TikTok will show you both first-person trial videos and stitch videos of other users who find the idea preposterous.

Vabbing was first introduced to social media by TikToker Mandy Lee, and now a growing number of women are sharing stories of men falling at their feet as a result of the unique seduction technique.

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In one video, vabbing advocate Jewliah claims that guys are buying her gifts and complimenting her generously, while TikToker and YouTuber Palesa Moon describes how the tactic drove her blind date crazy. The majority of medical professionals, however, think that there is no scientific basis for the idea of employing vaginal fluids as a fragrance to entice a partner.