Connor Cruise, the 28-year-old son of Hollywood power couple Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, has largely stepped away from the spotlight but occasionally offers glimpses into his life.
While his younger sister, Isabella, resides in the United Kingdom, Connor has made Florida his home, leading a quiet and independent life.

Once dabbling in acting, Connor had minor roles in films such as Seven Pounds (2008) and Red Dawn (2012). However, he has since retreated from the entertainment industry. Although he rarely makes public appearances, he was seen at Milan Fashion Week in February, catching the attention of the media and fans.

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Currently residing in Clearwater, Florida, Connor has pursued his passions outside of acting. He established his own barbecuing business called Connor’s Meat Shack, where he demonstrates his culinary skills. Additionally, he is an avid deep-sea fisherman, often sharing videos of his fishing expeditions and showcasing his connection to nature.

There have been rumors of a strained relationship between Connor, Isabella, and their mother due to their involvement in Scientology. However, Nicole Kidman has dismissed these claims, emphasizing her love and support for her children.

Connor occasionally provides a glimpse into his life through his social media accounts. Recently, he shared a rare selfie on his Instagram Story, posing with his golf buddies at the Belleair Country Club. Dressed in his signature golfing attire, Connor appeared happy and relaxed. This post follows his previous golf-related photo from Pelican Golf Club in Bellair, shared a month prior.

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When spotted in public, Connor is often seen accompanying his father, Tom Cruise. The father-son duo has been photographed together on various occasions, including their appearance at a Los Angeles Dodgers game in San Francisco last October, where they sat side-by-side in the stands and interacted with fans.