According to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, British actor Julian Sands, 65, has gone missing after going hiking in the San Gabriel Mountains on Friday.

Sands, who is well-known for his parts in Oscar-nominated movies including 1985’s A Room With A View, was reported missing by his family last Friday at around 7.30 p.m. after going missing while out hiking in the Mount Baldy region of the San Gabriel Mountains in California.

It has not been safe to send rescue crews back out on the ground since officers were forced to call off a ground search on Saturday because of an approaching storm.

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Rescue teams have been looking for him or her in the famous hiking and skiing destination of Baldy Bowl on Mount Baldy, according to sheriff department spokesman Nathan Campos. On Wednesday afternoon, the lost hiker was named by officials.

The search area around Mt. Baldy has been hampered by the harsh winter weather in California. According to Campos, rescue workers on the ground were “taken off the mount on Saturday evening for their safety,” and the search was carried out “by drone and helicopter when the weather permitted.”

Experts have been searching for the actor in the hilly region, about 40 miles from downtown Los Angeles, where Sands has lived since 2020, using helicopters and drones.

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Yesterday evening, a car allegedly belonged to the Sands was found close to Mount Baldy, one of the most treacherous climbs in the US.

Authorities advise the public to avoid the region because there is a serious avalanche risk there. Experienced hikers are having a difficult time passing through there because of how dangerous it is, according to Campos. Rescue teams want to continue a ground search as soon as the weather improves, he said.

Authorities are also looking for Bob Gregory, a California hiker from Hawthorne who went missing on Monday in the San Gabriel Mountains, according to ABC News.

In an interview with the Guardian in 2018, Sands discussed his obsession with mountain climbing and the value of continuing to seek out new experiences as he got older. He characterised himself as happiest “near to a mountain crest on a magnificent cold morning” in a different interview from 2020.

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Sands claimed in 2020 that the only time he had previously been dangerously near to dying was “in the early 90s, in the Andes, caught in an atrocious storm above 20,000ft with three others. We were all in a very bad way. Some guys close to us perished; we were lucky,” as per The Guardian.

The father of three, an avid hiker who has scaled mountains all over the world, co-starred with Helena Bonham Carter in the historical drama A Room with a View in 1985. He also made appearances in The Killing Fields, Arachnophobia, and Leaving Las Vegas. His television credits include the superhero series Smallville and the 24.

Sands has two daughters from his 1990 marriage to American journalist Evgenia Citkowitz and a son, Henry, from his first marriage to Sarah Sands, a former editor of BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.