The retail giant Target has received a lot of criticism over its most recent LGBTQ Pride line. Rapper Jimmy Levy, one of their protesters, made his own diss track about it. The other critics were rapper Nick Nittoli, who unveiled ‘Boycott Target’ along with Levy, Stoney Dudebro, and Forgiato Blow.

‘Boycott Target’ has received millions of views since it was first posted, despite Jimmy’s claims that it has been banned. The applications he has accused of being censors have not corroborated his claims.

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One of the clothes in the Target Pride line was a “tuck-friendly” women’s bathing suit, which offended the more traditional customers. Other products included slogans like “too queer for here” and “cure transphobia, not trans people.”

The retail company claimed they received bomb threats and that its employees had also been intimidated by anti-LGBTQ individuals as boycott calls exploded online. They eliminated specific designs from specific outlets in order to protect the safety of their employees.

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Who are Jimmy Levi and Nick Nittoli?

Jimmy Levi and Nick Nittoli created a rap song ‘Boycott Target’. The official song’s YouTube video has received approximately 130,000 views since it was uploaded. Additionally, videos of the song’s lyrics have gained a lot of attention on social media.

Jimmy Levy is well-known for his performances on He is reported to be 25 years old and was born in Miami, Florida. He also established his own record company, LEG. He considers himself a gospel singer.

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Actor and musician Nick Nittoli was born in New Jersey. He was a part of the Platinum Hit television series that aired on the American television network Bravo. In addition to acting in “Down the Barre,” he also writes lyrics. He collaborated with the Trend Def record company and released several tracks with them. Additionally, he has written songs for a number of musicians, including Sol Romero, French Montana, and Snoop Dogg.

The song’s lyrics are, “There’s a clean up on every aisle/ Target is targetin’ your kids/ This agenda’s gotta stop, they know we gonna win.” The rappers continue talking about how the LGBTQ “agenda” is going “too far.”

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Levy recently announced on his social media platforms that his song Boycott Target was being prohibited online. He stated that Apple’s iTunes store was preventing people from hearing his song. Levy further asserted that Instagram ordered him to delete the song’s URL from his account’s bio “so that people can’t get a copy of the track.”