Amaya Colon, Shy Glizzy’s ex-girlfriend, claimed that he threatened to kill her, her family and friends, TMZ reported citing court documents.

Who is Amaya Colon?

Amaya is a popular model and social media influencer, who is famous for her TikToks.

Colon, as per TMZ’s report, has got court-ordered protection against the rapper.

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According to the documents obtained by TMZ, Colon said that Glizzy repeatedly told her that he wanted to kill her and her mother after they broke up in April.

She added that he sent her a text message that said, “Ima f*** ya life up.”

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Shy and Amaya allegedly began dating in December, but they broke up on April 28 because of his alleged “anger issues.” Shy, according to her, did not take the breakup well, and on May 13 when he was arrested for allegedly threatening her, things came to a head.

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Amaya claims in the documents that while driving around Los Angeles on May 13, she noticed Shy was following her. She claims that he approached her car while she was stopped at a red light after getting out of his vehicle and banging on it with a gun handle. She claims that after she sped off, he chased after her and attempted to push her off the road, damaging her car in the process.

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Shy Glizzy was arrested on a felony charge of making criminal threats on May 13, after his ex reported to police that he pulled a gun on her.

Amaya claims that despite her requests for Shy to stop contacting her, he continues to send her messages, make death threats towards her, and post explicit videos and pictures of her without her permission in an apparent effort to destroy her modeling career. A restraining order has been enforced against Glizzy, which requires him to stay 100 yards away from Amaya and prohibits him from contacting her or sharing any explicit pictures of her.