TikTok star Baby Alien went viral after a Fan Van video of him and Ari Alectra made waves online.

His honesty was appreciated by fans around the world when he accepted on social media that he was a virgin. That is when The Fan Bus came into his life It was a platform that connects OnlyFans models with their supporters so they can get physical with them in the van.

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Who is Baby Alien?

Baby Alien appeared for the first time on Fan Van’s TikTok on August 18. He candidly admitted that he had a body count of zero, which meant that he was a virgin. He explained that he has had bad luck with physical intimacy because women underestimated him due to his height.

His honesty was applauded by fans. However, they were soon begging the Fan Van to help Baby Alien with his first sexual encounter. On August 26, OnlyFans model Ari Alectra was welcomed on the platform and she surprised him on camera. “I would love to take your virginity,” she said in the clip.

A few moments later, Alectra appeared from behind the car seat. Baby Alien could not control his emotions and burst out crying. He then ran out of the car in disbelief. They did proceed to film the their intimate session after that, which was uploaded on OnlyFans.

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There is also a second video that Baby Alien filmed with Alectra on a bus. He interviewed the woman and talked about some explicit topics with her. It was titled “Baby Alien talked with ladies.” 

Baby Alien has 623K followers on Instagram. On social media Baby Alien shares comedy videos which helped him quite popular. He is also active on other platforms like TikTok and Facebook.