A jury found “That ’70s Show” star Danny Masterson guilty of two out of three counts of rape Wednesday in a Los Angeles retrial in which the Church of Scientology played a central role.

The jury of seven women and five men reached the verdict after deliberating for seven days spread over two weeks. They could not reach a verdict on the third count, that alleged Masterson raped a longtime girlfriend. They had voted 8-4 in favor of conviction.

His wife, actor and model Bijou Phillips, wept as he was led away.

Phillips was born on April 1st, 1980 in Greenwich, Connecticut. She was raised in foster care in upstate New York despite being the daughter of singer John Phillips of The Mamas and The Papas and actress-model Geneviève Wate.

Phillips began her career as a model after years of being a disobedient kid – she dropped out of school at age 14 and spent time in treatment three years later. Before landing a campaign with Calvin Klein, she became the youngest model to ever appear on the cover of Vogue Italia.

I’d Rather Eat Glass was the title of an album that Phillips released in 1999, the same year that she had her first significant on-screen performance in Black and White. Later, she appeared in films like Choke (2008), Hostel: Part II (2007), The Door in the Floor (2004), Bully (2001), Almost Famous (2000), and Raising Hope on Fox.

After meeting at a poker game in Las Vegas in 2004, the actress began dating Danny Masterson. They were engaged in 2009 and wed in 2011, both of them Scientologists. On Valentine’s Day in 2014, they welcomed their daughter Fianna.

Phillips stood by her husband’s side throughout the legal procedure and the initial trial, which resulted in a mistrial in November 2022, when Masterson was accused of raping three different women on separate occasions.