Keke Palmer has released a statement addressing the cancellation of her film Being Mortal in response to allegations made against her co-star Bill Murray.

When Murray was accused of “inappropriate behaviour” in April, Searchlight Pictures suspended the film’s development.

The 2014 book Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End by surgeon Atul Gawande served as the inspiration for the film, which served as Aziz Ansari’s feature film directing debut. Ansari was supposed to write and star in the film alongside Murray, Palmer, and Seth Rogen.

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Who is Bill Murray?

William James Murray, better known as Bill Murray, born on September 21, 1950, is an American comedian and actor famous for his deadpan dialogue delivery.

Murray learnt acting and comedy working in a renowned improv comedy theatre group called ‘The Second City’. In 1974, Murray worked as a comic artist in a radio programme in New York. Murray’s TV debut came with ‘Saturday Night with Howard Cosell’. His first big-screen-breakthrough came in 1979 when he starred in Ivan Reitman’s ‘Meatballs’.

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One of Bill Murray’s most iconic performances came in ‘Ghostbusters’ in 1982. The Ivan Reitman comedy-fantasy was nominated for two Oscar Awards and three Golden Globe Awards. Murray’s performance in the Box Office hit ‘What About Bob?’ and ‘Groundhog Day’ earned him critical praise. ‘Groundhog Day’ is regarded as one of the best films made on time-loop fantasy.

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Murray continued to feature in several big movies through the last two decades. The 2001 romantic-comedy ‘Lost In Translation’ was a massive success at the Box Office as well as at the Oscars. The Bill Murray-Scarlet Johansson film won Best Original Picture Screenplay. The film received three other nominations. Bill Murray was nominated Best Actor for his character Bob Harris.  

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Bill Murray is infamous in Hollywood for his mood swings. When he was asked in an interview about these mood swings, he said, “I remember a friend said to me a while back: ‘You have a reputation of being difficult to work with’. But I only got that reputation from people I didn’t like working with.”

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The Evanston-born actor was suspended from the film ‘Being Mortal’ after being accused of “inappropriate behaviour” on set. However, the film’s crew did not offer an explanation.