With Andor, a two-season event series that centers on Cassion Andor (Diego Luna), an intelligence officer for the Rebel Alliance, the Star Wars universe is making a comeback. The character made his screen debut in 2016’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, where he and a ragtag band of rebels assisted in stealing the Death Star’s blueprints, allowing Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) and company to launch the Empire’s fall. Andor debuted on Disney+ and will have 24 episodes over two seasons. 

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Who is Bix Caleen?

Bix Caleen, played by Adria Arjona, seems to be one of the most fascinating characters in Andor. With Andor, Arjona makes her Star Wars debut as a mechanic with a hazy past. She was most recently seen in Morbius and Triple Frontier.

Bix Caleen is a black market dealer at night and a mechanic during the day. On Ferrix, she appears to be one of Cassian’s oldest friends, and at one point in the past, they might have been more than just friends.

Regarding Caleen, Arjona’s character was essentially created for the Diego Luna-led film. There are many aspects to Caleen, as Arjona reveals about her character, despite how the fandom has described her as having problems with the Empire. In an exclusive interview with Collider, Arjona discussed her relationship with Cassian and described her as a risk-taker.

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Arjona explained “Bix is someone that isn’t afraid of getting her hands dirty, she’s a risk-taker. She is bold and fearless, and she is a manager at a salvage yard. So has a pretty steady life and pretty, she has everything under control, and then here comes Cassian, and then it’s of always happens. Their dynamic is one that I love deeply. So it was so fun to sort of dig in and play around with it, they are childhood friends.”

“And you can sense that they have a history and their dynamic is complicated. You can almost tell that their trust has been built and broken and built and broken over the course of many, many years. Yet, she’s incredibly caring and incredibly protective over him. Sometimes even at her own detriment.”