In order to shut down one of Jimmy Fallon’s skits, the man who created the Timothée Chalamet puppet Jimmy Fallon employs on the “Tonight Show” claims Jimmy Fallon is making up a wild tale about him.

Jimmy shared the story on his brand-new podcast, “Strike Force Five,” which he co-hosted with Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, and John Oliver, four other hosts of late-night talk shows.

Who is Chris Alan?

Chris Alan, the puppet inventor, came in and said he was insulted when Jimmy stated Timothée wasn’t a fan of the look-alike doll, and the plan was to have the actor destroy the puppet during a ‘Tonight Show’ visit. Jimmy claims that the entire piece was afterwards abandoned.

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Chris claimed that he was astounded when he heard Jimmy on the podcast since, in his opinion, it is wholly untrue. He claims that no one contacted him regarding killing the puppet, and even if they had, he would not have cared because the “Tonight Show” had purchased it from him.

He did claim to have spoken with Timothée’s team when the “Dune” actor was scheduled to go on “The Tonight Show” in 2019. According to Chris, they intended to use a puppet of Fallon to flip the script on the presenter.

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Chris created one in under three weeks, but Timothée’s team abandoned the plan at the last minute.

Chris Alan, a typical Chalamet fan with a typical day job, created the dummy as a farewell present for his neighbour. “When it comes to the internet, I’m not naive. I’m familiar with trolls and all that stuff,” proclaimed Alan, who had previously created six celebrity dummies. In total, he had created 25 ventriloquist dummies. “But I didn’t really anticipate being treated like a fool. It was a little strange. It has been insane.” The value of the dummy was $122,795.