In a Los Angeles retrial where the Church of Scientology was heavily involved, a jury on Wednesday found “That ’70s Show” actor Danny Masterson guilty of two of three counts of rape. After debating for seven days over two weeks, the jury of five men and seven women came to their decision. Danny also has a brother named Christopher Masterson.

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Who is Christopher Masterson?

The same as Danny, Christopher had a successful career. He is well-known for playing Francis in Malcolm in the Middle. Additionally, he played Todd for two episodes on That ’70s Show.

His stint on Malcolm in the Middle, where he played Francis from 2000 to 2006, is one of the roles for which he is most known. The actor also appeared in Cutthroat Island, My Best Friend’s Wedding, and Scary Movie 2.

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He portrayed Todd, becoming a temporary love interest of Jackie, aka Mila Kunis, who was working at the time, when her parents cut her off on the programme. Jackie used Todd as a crutch because she was fed up with Kelso, a.k.a. her future husband Ashton Kutcher. In the end, his guest appearance on the sitcom was brief, and he barely interacted with his brother on the sitcom.

Uncertain if his brother’s success had anything to do with it, Chris’ acting career slowed down after 2019. He appeared in the films I’d Like to Be Alone Now and Beneath the Leave.

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It appears that Masterson developed a taste for DJing along the way, which would result in a new business endeavour. He has performed at significant music events, such as Lollapalooza in Paris. The former actor is now a music industry enthusiast and has launched a new music-related business.