Nathan Lee Chasing His Horse, who goes by Nathan Chasing Horse, has been arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting young indigenous girls in the United States. The star of the Oscar-winning film Dances With Wolves allegedly committed the offenses across a period spanning two decades, according to police records. He was arrested at his home in North Las Vegas on Tuesday night, where SWAT officers swooped and detectives searched the property.

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Corena Leone, a native American woman claims that Chasing Horse abused her from the age of 14 and raped her to ‘pay the price’ for him to cure her mother of cancer. She called the actor a predator who demanded that she give her virginity to him and the life of her firstborn to help her mother, who had been diagnosed with stage four cancer.

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Who is Corena Leone?
Leone posted her claims online in September. She said, after meeting Chasing Horse in 2011, she was sexually assaulted by him in 2014 when she was just a child. She has now launched a campaign of awareness. Leone says the actor told her she had to give up her virginity to help her mother. She said: ‘At the time I didn’t recognize what happened for what it was. And I was proud to help my mom. And I didn’t expect it to happen again I thought it was a one-time thing.

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She claims that Chasing Horse started calling her his wife and forbade her from talking to other men, moving her into his house when she was 18 years old.

Eventually, the alleged cult leader convinced Corena and her mother to move to Las Vegas, where they lived with him until he moved them into the apartment. Chasing Horse would tell Corena’s mother that he wanted to be with her, but that could only happen when she turned 16, due to Nevada’s age of consent.

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“I am speaking out of preservation for women and young girls and preventing future victims,” she said.
Las Vegas police have identified at least six alleged victims, with claims dating back to the early 2000s in multiple states, including Montana, South Dakota, and Nevada.