American singer DaniLeigh has been arrested after she hit somebody with her car on Tuesday morning in Miami Beach. Police said she was driving the under the influence, and the victim’s back was severely injured, who driving moped.

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Who is DaniLeigh?

DaniLeigh is a 28-year-old American singer. Danielle Leigh Curiel known as DaniLeigh is the ex-girlfriend of American rapper DaBaby, and they have a daughter together. As per police report, several witnesses had seen DaniLeigh driving the car at a high speed, weaving in and out of lanes close to Miami Beach. Eventually, she struck a person who was driving a moped and dragged it for a block. The dragging stopped after somebody reported the incident to a nearby officer, who stopped it.

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Police said the singer was smelling of alcohol. They also conducted a sobriety test which she reportedly failed. She took a breathalyzer and blew 0.145 and 0.148, which is much above the legal limit.

The singer was then handcuffed and taken to jail. She was booked on 3 felony charges that include driving under the influence, damage to property, and leaving the crash scene with serious injury to the victim.

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The victim who was hit in the accident had a serious back injury. He was rushed to Ryder Trauma Center located in Miami where he was treated. As per doctors, he suffered a kidney laceration and a spinal fracture.

The singer-turned-influencer has been released on a $9,500 bond. Previously, she had a legal situation with her ex-boyfriend rapper DaBaby. In 2021, DaniLeigh was also charged with two counts of assault in two incidents, when DaBaby complained to police about her assaulting him.

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After the incident, no comments have been made by DaniLeigh’s team.